“Wow, that was easier to complete than I thought, don’t know why I was so nervous, I feel great!”
“That’s because you use different muscles, not just your legs like when you run a marathon”
“Think I can complete a half Ironman in October?”
“Of course, you’re halfway there!”

That was the first conversation I had with my friend Diana after my first Olympic distance triathlon. Three months later, I completed my first half Ironman.

On Wednesday, I had a debrief session with coach Fi. The aim was to provide feedback of my training sessions whilst in Lebanon and devise a list of events to join in the lead up to the big event.

“We need to incorporate a running, bike and triathlon event from now till Nice” she advised, “here’s a list of possibilities”. On the list were half marathons, cyclosportives (essentially organised long distance cycling events), short and medium distance triathlons as well as 10k runs. What is best?

Well, let’s approach this strategically. First off the list are those located at impractical places, you know, far away from home (if UK based) and in countries that you would not normally on holiday to. Right, what next? Well let’s take a look at what distances are in my schedule over the course of my regime and match them with the distances. Perfect, we have our targets and they are as follows:

Burgess Hill Springtime Classic Sportive (71 miles), Kingston Breakfast Run (16 miles), Austria Half Ironman and two training camps (one in the French Alps and another to dry run the Ironman course in Nice).

So, not only am I attempting to do the toughest thing in my physical life on the 27th of June, the lead up to it makes my previous accomplishments seem like a drop of water in the ocean. All I have to console me are those famous words I heard at the beggining of this journey: “you’re already halfway there”.