About two weeks ago, during a long run, I started to feel a dull pain on the top of my left foot, between my toes and my ankle. A week later, the feeling did not go away or get worse, so I spoke to coach Fi about it. “It’s likely to be stress fractures” she said, “when I had them, I was on crutches for 4-8 weeks.” Yikes.

During swim class last week, I was catching up with a friend when he asked how it was all going. “I’ve injured my foot” I said, pointing to the ground. “Ah, your metatarsals, yes yes”.

Metatarsals, those tiny and delicate bones in your feet, as explained to me by a co-worker who is about a novice as you could get, training for her first marathon. Why on earth has this part of my body eluded me all this time?

Essentially, I have never had a foot injury, I have been aware of my strengths and weaknesses and always wore the right shoes. Not this time. A week before that fatal run, I bought a new pair of shoes. AdiZeros have always been my kit of choice, they had just released a new range and I could not resist! So, this pair happened to have a strap and not laces. Big mistake. Providing little support to your feet during long distance runs is about as sinful as you can get, especially if the course is hilly and you’re going fast.

Damage done. Since then, I have been putting less pressure on my foot when swimming and cycling and I have paused my running. I am getting a CAT Scan to verify the injury and hope not to be on crutches anytime soon. All you long-distance sports people out there, be safe.