I have a pretty big goal this year: to get faster on the bike.

So, how am I to achieve this? Firstly, an improved work schedule will afford me more time on the saddle, not necessarily longer rides but crucial interval sessions I have forfeited in the past for endurance. Secondly, building muscle mass through strength sessions (as well as those interval ride). But to bulk up, you need to eat. And there are many ways and philosophies behind this.

Simply, eat more. Take in what you can, six meals a day, snacks, consume everything in sight. This has its advantages, but volume isn’t always the best option. I am a firm believer in watching what you eat: good fats, no processed foods, natural colouring/flavouring and limited fried foods.

Carbs vs Protein.
We have all heard of the dieting fads; they come, they go, and none of them stay for long. All they leave you with is bad breath and an angry disposition. I remember a professor from my student days emailing my entire lab: “unless there’s sort of new Atkins diet out there, please stop disposing mercury down the toilet.”

What’s the Solution?
Well, different strokes for different folks. (I do love my clichés). It’s important to be aware of the various regimes around (Paleo for example) but each individual needs to adapt their diets to their needs, tastes and body type.

Given Coach Fi’s advice, I have become more aware of my protein consumption. Needing to eat more protein after my workouts and less carbs. Since the beginning of this “diet”, I have gained 2kg in muscle weight – something I have been struggling to do. I also stick to my basic principles, lean meats, little sugary sweets/snacks and no fried food. It works for me, is helping me reach my target weight and I feel stronger and more energetic because of it. Go on… experiment!