It has been an immense week and I am grateful to so many people for making it a memorable and special occasion. However, there are number of people that I must mention, for making it beyond special to me:

1. Fiona, Josh and Kerrie, thank you for my surprise 30th.
2. Mum, thank you for my box of memories, I am me because of you.
3. Michela, thank you for your kind letter. And your friendship.
4. Tine, your email, it made me cry. Looking forward to the next few years together.
5. Thank you to the 104 people that made it to Beirut from all over the world.
6. Thank you to the 149 people that made it to Free and Accepted.
7. My family, thank you for the embarassing nude photos of me on that slide show!
8. Rola, the cake. And shiny disco balls. I love you.
9. Hosh, thank you for making me laugh my post-party blues away.
10. Zaki, because of you, I’ve received a plethora of letters at home, making me smile.

I hope the next 30 years are filled with fun, laughter, love and friendship for all of us.

With love, always,