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I am currently incredibly hungover after a pretty excessive night compounded with very little sleep. Why does this matter? Because a year ago, this aftermath would have plunged me into a destructive state. A state of fleeting depression, paranoia and  thoughts of failure. Just as alcohol amplifies any euphoria experienced, its after effects are a lethal opposite.

But today is different. I am not filled with loneliness. I am not filled with a deep void that implies my foundation is not solid. I am, for the first time in a decade, content.

For the past ten years, I have endured my fair share of how tough life can be. Dealt the standard blows that come after breakups, family matters and an unsatisfied career; but also extraordinary life events that shook my core.

Today, I stand stronger than I have ever been. As I mentioned to a friend last night, life always works out in the end. We grow, we break, we heal, we grow again. Today is not a day to ponder about all my mistakes. Today is simply a hangover that will go away after my next beer.